About Aidmics & iSperm mCASA - The First Smart Semen Analyzer

Believing in the power of seeing the unseen, Aidmics dedicates to creating mobile solutions to follow the tracks of dynamic particles, including flowing cells, fish or shrimp seeds, etc. Now, iSperm has become one of the leading brands in animal reproductive biology when cost-effective and transportable - yet robust - systems for semen analysis are needed.

iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA). It offers concentration, total motility, progressive motility, and sperm kinetics readings. Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm provides the flexibility to be adapted to economic, companion, and endangered animals.


iSperm Key Features in 1 Minute

When it comes to animal semen tests, iSperm mCASA is one of your top choices. Watch the video to know why!

Visualizing Sperm Movements

iSperm mCASA visualizes sperm swimming tracks and labels them in different colors. Therefore, you can understand right away if they're really "motile".


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