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Paws, claws, hooves, scales, or talons - if you heal it, we can help!

Whether you need solutions for healing challenging or chronic wounds, dental extraction packing to promote bone growth, or biomaterials for your next hernia repair (or worse!), we are here with effective (and cost-effective) options for you. Be sure to check out all the choices we can offer - and be sure to drop us a line if you need more information about any of our products.


Who can be treated with RediHeal?

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  • No time for Surgical Surprises?
    Even if you love surprises, you don't want to see them during surgery, right? Let us help take some of your unknowns away with surgical solutions you can rely on, no matter what - and incomparable support from our Wond Care team! This download will give you an overview of our surgical options.
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  • RediHeal Dental Flyer
    Are you looking for a dental extraction packing material that's as easy as "Place. Pack. Suture."? Help fill the voids left by extractions while accelerating healing and promoting healthy bone growth.
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  • RediHeal Wound Care Flyer
    Wondering what RediHeal can do for you, and what kind of results to expect? Check this out.
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  • RediHeal Comparison Chart
    This handy tool will help you decide which of our RediHeal products is right for you! Keep a copy in your clinic for easy reference!
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  • RediHeal White Paper Study
    This white paper study provides a solid feel for what RediHeal Wound Care can do, without antibiotics or steroids. Amazing visuals!
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  • Sample Request Form
    We get it - sometimes you just want to test something out before you recommend it to a client. Hey, we've been there, too! Fill out this sample request form and get it back to us - we'll get you what you need.
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Contact Information

  • Jennifer Schankereli
  • 1052 Curve Crest Blvd., Stillwater, MN 55082
  • 888-289-1890
  • jennifer@avalonmed.com
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