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Blue Buffalo is the nation's leading natural pet food company, feeding more than 19 million pet households. To provide veterinarians and clients with the best possible nutritional options for dogs and cats, our R&D team applies over 300 years’ expertise to diet formulation and study.  Our dedicated Veterinary Clinic Specialists and Technical Services Veterinarians support and educate veterinary professionals about our exclusive veterinary therapeutic line, BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet formulas.  To learn more about our products, research, manufacturing, and quality control & assurance programs, visit BLUEVetConnect.com.



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Published Studies

  • Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats
    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) diagnosis requires serum biochemical analysis (persistent azotemia, increased serum symmetric dimethylarginine [SDMA] concentration), urinalysis (low urine specific gravity, proteinuria) and imaging (kidney structural changes). Once CKD is confirmed, the next step is staging according to the guidelines from the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS; iris-kidney.com). The IRIS stages 1 to 4 are based on serum creatinine and SDMA concentrations. There is also sub-staging based on the degree of proteinuria and hypertension. Recent improvement in diagnostic testing has led to early detection and treatment in our patients with CKD.
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  • Nutritional Management of chronic enteropathies in cats
    Feline CE can be effectively managed with diet, which offers many advantages over other therapies and should be a focus during treatment planning. A variety of options exist, and patient factors and clinical signs may guide empirical dietary management choices made by the clinician. The optimal approach between these diet types in cats is unknown, and it may be beneficial to attempt multiple diet trials utilizing different diet types (easily digestible, hydrolyzed, limited ingredient, and modified fiber diets) if initial attempts with one specific diet type fail.
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  • Food Hypersensitivity in the Dog and Cat
    Food hypersensitivity in the dog and cat can cause a myriad of effects on several different systems of the body, with the integument and digestive system being most commonly affected.
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  • Management of Struvite Urolithiasis and Crystalluria in Cats
    Half the feline uroliths submitted to American analysis centers are composed primarily of struvite.1 Although this proportion is less than 30 years ago, when nearly 90% were struvite, they still present a signifi cant cause of urolithiasis.
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