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The journey that began 3 decades ago has successfully become a symbol of Excellence, Innovation, and Reliability for veterinarians across the world. Being ISO 13485 certified, and following the guidelines of the FDA, our all processes are standardized to offer you consistent quality, patterns, and styles, every time, for very economical prices. We control the process from buying to forging to the finished products and are second to none in our niche.

GerVetUSA believes in personalization instead of customization and has therefore modified and redesigned a huge number of instruments as per patients' needs. Yet, we believe that there is no end when it comes to perfection and continuously work with top-notch professionals to offer you the most desired solution. Our Virtual Veterinary Consultants Offer during the recent pandemic is a live example.

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We believe in building a strong relationship instead of just selling instruments and therefore offer Free Sharpening on all our Scissors and Dental Instruments for the life of the Instrument.

Please email us at mughal@gervetusa.com or call at (516)-385-3434 if you have any queries or concerns. We would love to hear from you.

Web: www.GerVetUSA.com Email: info@GerVetUSA.com Tel: (516)-385-3434


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GerVetUSA's New Products for 2022


More Information

GerVetUSA offers a wide selection of veterinary surgical instruments. We are a profound manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments ranging from typical to specific instruments. Additionally, we also customize instruments because our scope and range of veterinary instruments are not limited to displayed products. We can manufacture your customized instruments if it is not depicted in our catalog. 

Contact Information

  • GerVetUSA
  • 1188 Willis Ave Suite#801 Albertson, NY 11507
  • (516) 385-3434 - (833) 906-7575
  • sales@gervetusa.com
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